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Perhaps you saw our name on your credit report or received a letter identifying Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC as the current owner of your account.

Let us explain.

Why We're In Contact With You

When you open and use a credit card or department store card, or take out a personal loan and miss one or more of your scheduled payments, the remaining balance of the account may be “charged off” by the current owner or originator and sold to a new owner, such as Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC (ARI).

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Credit Personal Loan Taken Out
You May Have
Opened a Credit Card or Personal Loan
Missed Payments
You May Have
Missed Payments
Unpaid Balance
You May Have Had An
Unpaid Balance Charged Off

Further Explained

A charge-off occurs when the full minimum payment on your account hasn’t been paid for several months and the creditor has decided they are unlikely to collect the outstanding balance on that account. As a result, the account is frozen to prevent further use and sometimes sold to another party who becomes the new owner of your account. The balance does not go away. It simply means you now owe the balance to the new owner.

Your New Account Owner:
Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC

Here at ARI we want to be a resource for all your account needs. We utilize Absolute Resolutions Corp. (ARC) to manage our portfolios of consumer assets, as well as licensed third-party collectors within ARC’s network. ARC specializes in the management of portfolios of these assets and is there to help you better understand and take control of your debt.

Please direct all inquiries to Absolute Resolutions Corp.

Absolute Resolutions Corp. can assist you with any questions you may have regarding your Absolute Resolutions Investments owned account and help you resolve your balance.